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                JOIN US

                l  Full-time professor(work an academic year or more)

                l  Part-time professor

                Key Responsibilities

                l  Work as a full-time foreign expert in SHUPL for at least three months.

                l  Engage in research actively in cooperation with the faculty of SHUPL.

                l  Give 2 or 3 lectures every semester for the teachers and graduates.

                l  Do best to build international cooperation projects between SHUPL and international universities.

                Required Qualifications

                l  Master degree or J.D. , doctoral degree

                l  Experience in legal practice

                l  Teaching experience


                l  Salary: depends

                l  Free accommodation on campus


                For more information, please feel free to contact us.

                Tel: 86-21-39225029, E-mail: shuplgjc@shupl.edu.cn ,shuplfao@126.com

                Waiqingsong Road No. 7989 , Shanghai, PR China,