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                Judicial Roundtable

                Publisher:系统︾管理员Release time:2018-12-10visits:10

                On December 10 and 11 of 2018, the “Judicial Roundtable” International Conference was held in Shanghai. About 80 domestic and foreign judges, experts, scholars, and legal workers from  Canada, UK, Singapore, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, the Supreme People ’ s Court, Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People ’ s Court, Shanghai Financial Court, Suzhou Intermediate People ’ s Court, and Jiaozhou Intermediate People’s Court attended the conference. This conference was guided by Civil Adjudication Tribunal No. Four of the Supreme Court of the People’s Republic of China and organized by Shanghai University of Political Science and Law together with University of Hong Kong. People’s Court “Belt and Road” Research Center and Shanghai Law Association “ Belt and Road ”Initiative Legal Research Society co-organized the event.


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